Where's the balance?

I’m in the process of getting my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, and I’m becoming more aware of blogging, moodling, and cajoodling in the classroom. (There’s a strong possibility that I made the last one up. And by strong possibility, I mean 100 percent). I feel like I’m on the back end of the curve when it comes to these web 2.0 technologies, even though I graduated from college only recently. By the way, would someone please explain what web 2.0 means? I never got my 90-day free trial of web 2.0 in the mail, like when AOL 13.0 came out. Boy, was I glad to get those in the mail, it was like a new kind of ninja star after a couple of good throws at my older brothers. Anyway, I teach math and I would like to start blogging in the classroom, but I’m worried about webfilters at my school blocking most blogs. We do have blackboard, and that could be a starting block, but I want to be on the front end of the technology right now. And yet, I would also like to have free time…where’s the balance?

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J-my said...

hey mister master student!!! how's mich?