DUMB boards

I've been researching the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and I have been taken by the SMART Board, not just for the functionality, but also because of SMART Technologies, Inc., and their commitment to staff development. I have been to workshops and heard teachers talk about how they will never go back to a DUMB board as my brother likes to call them. I can see how effective they can be and I am looking forward to using one in the fall. The key, as with any piece of technology, is making sure that it is utilized most effectively. I plan on attending workshops with SMART in the fall, as well as visiting their office during the summer. What is fantastic is that any demonstration the lasts under three hours is free, which would even include coming to our school. The ultimate goal is implementation across our department, then the school, and then it might be 2010.

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Anonymous said...

I often think my board is dumb, especially when I rub up against it and get marker stuff on my pants. Geez, when are they ever going to get rid of all these dumb boards!