An Educational Need

Today in class, I evaluated some educational needs that exist in my own school. In spite of the many areas in which my school excels, I thought of a few needs which I can have a part in "fixing." Since my colleague and I are getting a SMARTboard next fall, I would like to focus in on the SMARTboard. However, one of the serious issues that I would like to address is that we would like to implement SMARTboards school-wide, and have a part in developing the plan for the school. I would like to tackle this issue because I feel that it's a bigger picture of what's going on in my school. But, my colleague Jason suggested that I keep the focus small. I heeded his wisdom, and so my focus will be on an educational need inside my classroom. I find that Geometry students have a difficult time visualizing the concepts that we cover in class, and I as a teacher have a hard time supplementing my teaching with good visual aids. I hope to find a tool that integrates technology to help remedy this issue. In addition, I hope to increase student engagement with whatever visual aids that I find. In order to best evaluate my solution, I will focus on the 8th chapter of our Geometry book, which deals with triangles and Trigonometry. This chapter is very visual, and I want to increase my students' Trigonometry abilities so that they are better prepared for their next class.


Anonymous said...

Good idea, that is to follow my advice. (To all those out of the loop, I'm the infamous "Jason"). I think your idea sounds concise and doable. It might even free up a little of that old free time you were talking about earlier.


iroberto71 said...

I am curious what your research will entail. Will you research teaching techniques, visual aids or, different ways to present material (constructivism, scaffolding maybe>>>>)? Good luck make sure you stay on track.