Not so bad.

The first day of school is more hype than anything. I've found comfort in reading Dan Meyer and a comment from my friend Todd. The first day was a blur to the students, and my main goal was to engage my students and show them that I put my best forward today. I'm trying to communicate more this year that I am a guide and helper for my students. We'll see how much they take me up on it.


Welcome to Math

School Eve

The beginning of a new year begins tomorrow in my school district, and I am excited for a new year. After learning so much over the summer, the discussions that I keep coming back to are, "Should I use a wiki in pre-calc?", "How about a blog in Geometry?", or "maybe Blackboard will not have a monopoly on the market, and it will be working and functional by the end of next week." Indecision turns to inefficiency, and nothing is complete. So, this year, I will look to the students for inspiration, try new things, and will hopefully have a solution(s) by the year's end. Or, I may be even more indecisive. Pull the Teacher Edition off the shelf, blow off the dust, and crack it open. Welcome, Fall 2007.