MacBook up to 1.21 JIGA-watts!

I upgraded my MacBook today to 2 GB of memory. I felt that it was running a little slow. After making a StAIR project on PowerPoint and having PowerPoint close unexpectedly, I decided for more memory. I found the memory myself at Fry's.com for only $45, but for some reason, I was unable to install the memory myself. I ended up buying into AppleCare, but it took over 60 minutes to convince tech support that I received a discount because I am a teacher. The store that I took it to only charged me $30 for all 7 minutes that it took them to install my memory! I guess at $75 total, it's worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't it always seem that you have to do all the leg work when a discount is offered? You'd think that the memo would have been distributed about educators discounts.